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In-Store Pickup Available - Oklahoma City

6 Christmas Bath Bombs

Sell it Your Way: Each bath bomb is individually wrapped so you can sell it individually or as a multi-pack in the thoughtfully packaged gift box.

Fizzing Fun & Colorful Splendor: Witness the magic of our bath bombs, unveiling squishy toy surprises. Immerse in a bath full of colors and bubbles, lasting 5 to 8 minutes—longer than off-brands.

Whimsical Treasures Await: Delight in discovering Smiling Christmas Trees, Stockings, Candy Canes, Snowmen & more in every bomb! Fizzing excitement enchants kids as they dissolve and unveil endless squishy joys.

Fruity Fragrance Wonderland: Step into a world of fruity scents like Peppermint Twist, Gingerbread, Oh Christmas Tree. Ordinary baths turn into vibrant, bubbly adventures.

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